How do I Start this as I have No Money to Invest

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TOPIC: "How does one Start in JG, or GDI, or any other Networking Opportunity if you don't have any money to Invest."

        Follow my strategy, piece by piece, You can start GDI right away for free for about 7 days, then you'll be charged the $10. Try to scrape up, skip going out to McD or Burger Kings or restaurants, and find your TEN Dollars. Hey, Do whatever you need to do to find the money to start this. Budget 33 cents per day.

         Another Key Method for Seed Money which is absolutely easily obtainable, Find your money is to Raise your Allowance (dependents) on your W-4 form on file with your employer. Just raise it by 1 to 4, this is very legal. This should produce for you Larger After tax Paychecks.
[*** Mark this difference as for your Business only Fund... it maybe $30-$400 per paycheck depending on what you chose as allowances. You're in Business, your cell phone, your computer, your Auto or the vehicle's mileage, your business breakfast, lunches, or dinners, your business tools, and your Vacations (wrap it around your business) will become Tax Deductible. Keep your Receipts! Keep Good Records! Use a Planner like a Diary! I will Teach more about this later! ]

        ... Are you beginning to See the light now?

         Now your Money to start has been found!  ....What now?   ..JOIN UP.........

        ~Get Excited & Start making phonecalls right away to your friends and other people you know AND follow up with the "Invite System" using it in GDI's backoffice, simple tool. Then also write out personal emails to your list of Contacts, make sure you put in a 'clickable link' that re-directs them to your 'Usernamed' gdi replicated website, example below....
Here's mine (I will not put in the dot on purpose so it doesn't become live link for illustrative purposes)
http://wwwfreedomws/eco101   replace the eco101 with your own Username... so they go to you, to your link, in the case if they join up in gdi, you'll get credit for that.

         Now, change your W-4 with your employer as soon as possible. You don't need to explain anything to them at all. You want to simply Add/ Increase it by 1 to 4 more allowances, so you can have the seed money for business start up.

~Required Reading, Additional Major Key Resource:
(Highly Recommended- More & Bigger SEED MONEY Methods. Again I will Teach you more on this subject later)

TOPIC: "How Do I START with JG?"

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(Disclosure: This is not a job offer. I work very hard for my results, therefore I cannot guarantee that you'll make any money in this as I don't know if you can study & implement or produce results. We all get paid on produced results and are paid out on productions. Your Income will vary according to the collective actions of your entire downline network. When others join you, you're creating a distribution channel, in which we are all tied together by our account numbers.)